Soil Nailing TX

Soil Nailing TX

The Pros And Cons Of Soil Nailing In TX

While most of us have probably heard of soil nailing in the past, there are a number of TX residents that are not aware of all of the various ins and outs of this procedure. Soil nailing does offer TX residents advantages that alternative topdown construction techniques and ground anchors are unable to.

However, there are also various disadvantages that need to be discussed in a more open forum. In order to learn more about the pros and cons that are associated with soil nailing and how they will affect TX residents, be sure to read on and learn more about each side of the coin.

The Pros of Soil Nailing

Ground anchors are a common choice, but they are also not as foolproof as they may seem. For example, the soil nails that are going to be used do not require the same amount of space, since they are much shorter than the ground anchors. There are a wide range of other construction methods available, but they cannot match the environmental impact that soil nailing is able to offer.

Other construction methods tend to be very disruptive to traffic, whereas soil nailing does not cause these same sorts of issues. The surrounding environment is not negatively impacted and the workplace area is far less congested, which leads to less harmful effects over both the short term and the long haul. No structural elements need to be installed beneath the excavation area.

The installation of the soil nails is also rather quick and painless. The amount of construction materials that we are going to need to use will be much smaller than the amount that is used for other techniques. Ground anchor walls may seem like the best idea, but in reality? They are far more expensive and place a much greater strain on the surrounding environment.

The Cons of Soil Nailing

If the structures and utilities in question require a strict form of deformation control, experts will advise against the idea of soil nailing. These utilities and structured are usually located behind a proposed wall and in order to ensure a mobilized resistance, we may need to choose a different tactic. Soil nailing does not always offer the proper deformation.

Those who still wish to use soil nailing are able to do so with the usage of post tensioning, but this comes at a much higher cost. The utilities that have already been established in the region also need to be considered. There may be certain restrictions that are placed on the nails and the places that they can be used.

Let's say that there are large amounts of groundwater to consider in the area. Soil nailing may not be able to provide us with the assistance that we require. If the contractors that are tasked with providing soil nailing do not have the proper experience, experts will advise us against this method. Even if a contractor is experienced, we are still advised to avoid their services unless they have the proper specialized training.


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