Soldier Pile TX

Soldier Pile TX

How To Make Use Of A Soldier Pile In TX

The use of a soldier pile in construction is one of the oldest methods of retaining systems. It is a common retaining wall strategy that helps in soil retention, particularly in deep excavations. Basically, solder piles are used to retain soil using vertical piles supported by horizontal lagging to form H-shaped steel beams.

Usually, these piles are drilled deep down into the earth at regular intervals of about 6 ft to 12 ft apart. In a bid to effectively spread the load around, the gap between each vertical pile will be filed with horizontal supports. As an effective retention tool, the use of a soldier pile in TX is important for most construction works that have to do with retaining soil.

Whether for archaeological digs, foundation repairs, home construction or any other form of excavation, the use of soldier pile in TX is ideally suited for building successive stages of soldier piles and lagging walls. With the help of an experienced contractor, you can achieve the optimal solution to your soil retention needs with this to regardless of the site you are working on.

Why use a soldier pile

When compared to other systems, the use of a soldier piles in Texas is relatively cheaper. Though often at an increased cost, concrete piles, circular pipes or caissons can be alternatively used as soldier piles. There is much versatility in installing a soldier pile in TX. It’s also very good to know that this system of soil retention accommodates changes as adjustments can be easily made in the field.

Most excavating contractors and engineers prefer to use this form of a retaining system because soldier piles are easy and fast to construct. As a matter of fact, no advanced construction technique is required to construct efficient soldier pile and lagging walls. As a result, construction can be made in a quick manner.

This retaining wall solution is highly effective in areas where it’s not practical enough to drive lightweight sheet piling. Soldier piling is a perfect solution in a range of ground conditions including rock and stiff clay sites. Interestingly, soldier piles can be designed as permanent walls that can even carry and support the weight of buildings. But they are mostly used as temporary shoring.

How soldier piles are installed

In line with an engineered design, an auger can be employed to drill holes around the perimeter to a predetermined spacing, diameter, and depth within the proposed excavation site. Before lowering the reinforcing cages or steel columns into the holes, there is the need to pump liquid concrete into them (the holes). The term “soldier” refers to the resulting reinforced columns.

Based on geotechnical advice, excavation can be performed once the concrete supporting the soldiers has set. Soldier pile walls can only be formed when soldier piles are constructed at regular intervals. Small stages of excavation work will have to be performed before installing lagging. Then the void space behind the lagging should be backfilled and compacted. Soldier piles are the sole providers of moment resistance in soldier pile and lagging.


Soldier Pile Tx
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