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Oscar Orduno Team

Everybody who is anybody in the Texas construction industry knows what Oscar Orduno, Inc. is.  That’s because OOINC has been (and still is) either the lead contractor or subcontractor on hundreds of projects across the state.

Our bright orange logo is emblazoned on our offices, documents, and our shiny orange equipment which can be found on work sites all over Texas.  It’s even an identifying feature of our uniforms!

And there is no denying it…  You’ve seen our equipment on your drive to work, on the construction site next to your office, probably even in your neighborhood to help another resident with some land erosion problems.

Even being ubiquitous doesn't tell the whole story because the bigger picture is out of sight, behind the scenes, and harder to see.  That is where you will discover that we’re part of a broad network of construction professionals; that we’re associated with private contractors, major construction companies, and municipalities that all work together to do the best work, on time, while staying on budget.

Doing great work isn’t a one-man-show.  It requires relationships where you can trust your counterpart to perform their duties in a skillful, tradesman-like way; where you know, they will meet all of the deadlines that play a part in the intricate ballet of motions that lead to a successfully completed project.

We know engineering; we know geophysics; we know the legal obligations such as JHA (Job Hazard Analysis) regulations.  Most important, however, is that we know our partners, and they know us, as reliable team members that will get the job done accident-free, on-time, on budget, and with a safe, reliable and decades-long history ahead of it.

When you are ready to experience that high level of reliability…that is when you are ready to call on Oscar Orduno, Inc.  And remember, OOINC has its intimate alliance with our teammate, Orduno Design Services LLC, to get your project down on paper, and help you create the look you’re after!

Oscar Orduno, Inc.

A Client Partner you can trust - Advising - Ethical - Supportive

The Takeaway

Oscar Orduno, Inc. is your go-to expert for retaining walls, underpinnings, earth retention systems, specialty foundations, or shotcrete applications, as well as remediation and failure-repair.  We always try to exceed industry standards to achieve the highest quality results on all of our projects.  We bring preparation, engagement, and passion to every job, always ready to do our best for you.

We promise to keep everyone safe during the construction process and to operate in a manner to ensure the utmost protection to your structures and property.  We pay attention to all the details, so when the job is done you can be confident that it was done right!

You’ll see us throughout Texas including Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Lubbock, Amarillo, Tyler, and Waco.  We'd love to hear you say "Howdy," so take a moment and get in touch.

4600 Fuller Drive, Suite 375,

Irving, TX 75038


For that occasion when you don’t want the earth to move!