Design and Consulting Services

Orduno Design Services is a sister company to Oscar Orduno, Inc. (OOINC) and provides almost all of the design, engineering, and technical services performed as a part of the design/build contracts undertaken by OOINC.

Orduno Design Services, LLC is registered by the Texas Board of Professional Engineers (TBPE Firm Registration No. F-17579) and has pioneered a number of advancements in our industry related to the design and installation of earth retention structures in Texas. The mentality held by the skilled professionals working within ODS is one of continuous improvement from standard practices that consistently translates into project savings of both time and money. This diligence to provide creative, stable solutions for commercial and infrastructure projects has ODS frequently involved in the planning of many large, notable projects.

The ability for Oscar Orduno, Inc. to become a market player over a few short years is due in a large part to the advantages that ODS provides with their constant drive to improve and innovative designs.  Today, ODS is a resource that general contractors, engineers, and owners have come to rely on for collaborative solutions and insight.

The knowledge and experience of Orduno Design Services can be an asset to owners and engineers as projects begin taking shape.  As project sites get more challenging and cities become more dense, design teams are relying on ODS to meet project demands while protecting existing structures.

While the majority of the preconstruction operations are handled by Oscar Orduno, Inc., it is fairly common for owners, developers and construction manangers to contract for engineering of temporary retention systems that will require a temporary easement, license agreement, or coordination of the structure as it relates to the sub-grade footprint or constructability challenges due to regional JHA regulations or otherwise.

Orduno Design Services is an engineering firm registered to practice in the state of Texas.  ODS has the knowledge and experience to provide site-specific solutions for any project.