Oscar Orduno, INC.

Applicants should be committed to learning best practices, dedicated to working safely, and, in turn, will have the opportunity to utilize the nicest equipment on any jobsite including innovative, customized tooling to improve efficiency, reliabilty, and quality of the application. Operators and laborers must be perceptive and aware of site conditions and will be responsible for working dilgently to minimize the potential for jobsite incidents or injuries.

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We are constantly looking to hire skilled individuals for field and shop positions that are interested in being part of a family that is focused on quality, safety and using advanced techniques and tooling.
  • Equipment Operator
  • Shotcrete Nozzleman
  • Shotcrete Finisher
  • General Laborer
  • Welder / Steel Fabricator
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanic
If this motivated environment sounds like the career you have always wanted, please complete the form provided to the left or in-person at our main office to be considered for a part of our highly skilled team.