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Earth Retention Systems – Solving Problems Before they Become Problems

At Oscar Orduno, Inc., making sure that the earth doesn’t move is right in our job description! When is an Earth Retention System Needed? We understand […]

Why Creative Engineering Is Often Needed

Creative Engineering – Finding answers to tough problems Stretching from Dallas, north to US Route 380 (West University Drive) in Frisco, TX, the DNT (Dallas North […]

Oscar Orduno, Inc. Featured in Roads & Bridges Trade Magazine

The Dallas North Tollway (DNT) is one of the most congested tolled roads in the DFW Metroplex. With the high volume of traffic and the depressed […]

Choosing the Right Contractor

Retention systems require knowledge Children may be fine digging a hole in the backyard for fun. They usually get tired and give up before they do […]

The Team that Powers Success

Everybody who is anybody in the Texas construction industry knows what Oscar Orduno, Inc. is.  That’s because OOINC has been (and still is) either the lead […]

Earth Retention Systems | Geotechnical Applications | Dallas | DFW

Oscar Orduno, Inc. is an innovative leader in designing and constructing earth retention systems, underpinning, retaining wall, slope stability, shotcrete, DFW, Texas.

Consulting the Experts

A Foundation of Trust Every builder and developer in Texas has heard of Oscar Orduno, Inc., even if we haven’t actively worked on-site with them all […]

Slope Stabilization

Making the Grade   Our planet is not some idealized perfect sphere, like a billiard ball spinning in space. We have craggy, irregular surfaces everywhere, from […]

Shotcrete: A Versatile Tool

Doing what Other techniques Cannot Do HISTORY   Carl E. Akeley figured out how to spray dry concrete mix and water from a hose at the […]

Every Job is Unique!

Every Job is Unique!      Earth Retention is the application of practical engineering expertise in order to stabilize soil and rock. These techniques can be […]

There’s much more to it than you think!

There’s much more to it than you think!       Orduno Design Services (ODS) is a sister company to Oscar Orduno, Inc. (OOINC). It is […]

Soldier Pile Walls

What are they and how do they work?      Such an odd name, but it has been with us for centuries.  The “soldier” portion of […]

Earth Retention
Don’t Move!

          The four elements, Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth, play important roles in our daily lives. Wind needs to be harnessed for […]

Retaining Walls
Much more complicated than you think!

          The functions of retaining walls are manifold. Their primary purpose is to eliminate unintended soil movement and/or prevent erosion, but can […]

Earth Retention Systems

Holding Back the Earth Not the planet…the Soil!        Retaining structures and techniques are used in all sorts of circumstances, from your sloping rock […]

Design-Build Retaining Walls

Design-Build Retaining Walls Functionality can have Form, too Poured in place concrete has dominated the construction industry, practically since its invention, for large projects. The Romans […]

Retaining Wall Services in Texas

Retaining Walls Failure & Remediation Why do we need retaining walls? Retaining walls are used in all sorts of circumstances, from industrial open pit mining to […]

The Art of Underpinning

Underpinning and other Specialty Support Systems are probably the most complex, challenging, and exciting part of the entire construction industry.  The knowledge required is substantial in […]

Oscar Orduno, Inc. Design Services

Your rock-solid partner! Oscar Orduno, Inc. (OOI) specializes in constructing, augmenting, or repairing retaining walls of any size and design.  We’re registered to operate in the […]