Choosing the Right Contractor in Dallas TX

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The fact is earth retention systems require a lot of knowledge – this is why hiring the right contractor in Dallas TX is so important.

Children may be fine digging a hole in the backyard for fun. They usually get tired and give up before they do any substantial damage. Of course, just by bad luck they may hit the automatic sprinkler system and get excited as a small amount of water drains from all the pipework into their hole so they can make mud pies.

Of course, from their point of view, there is no reason to tell anyone. And surprise…the next time the sprinkler system comes on you could lose hundreds of gallons of water, turn your lawn into a swampy mess, and maybe even cause significant damage to your neighbors’ or your property…

Contactor in Dallas TX: Oscar Orduno, Inc.

Lack of planning, or ignorance of existing conditions, can cause no end of troubles for a contractor who doesn’t know what they’re doing. There is a reason, for example, why (according to OSHA) no trench may be deeper than 5 feet without reinforcement. It may look safe, feel safe—and yet be completely dangerous—in ways the eye cannot discern. The rule is there to protect workers from collapse.

Preparation Removes Roadblocks

This is the very same reason that good contractors obtain permits, read surveys, and locate all of the buried infrastructures before they start digging, boring, drilling, or blasting. Accidents are costly, especially if injuries occur, but even if it is “only” property damage, the reparations cost more than materials and money. They cost time, and that can throw schedules into chaos doubling, tripling, or quadrupling expenses! This is no business for amateurs; you deserve professionals!

Worse yet, sub-contractors often have only a limited window for your job. If you’re not ready to go, they will still bill for their time while standing idle. They may even run out of time for your project, and be obliged to move on to fulfill another contract. That means leaving you without a skill, which then needs to be replaced, costing you more time and money.

Knowledge is Power

Our Oscar Orduno Engineers and Prep crews know all the locally applicable bylaws and regulations. As a premier contractor in Dallas TX we have well-developed relationships with city planning offices, licensing offices, and inspector officials. We go into these offices already knowing exactly what we need for any project.

As a result, we are in and out fast, getting what we need in hours or days, rather than months. We make sure your project starts on time, stays on schedule, and finishes within budget. That is the advantage of experience: making your project less costly before it even begins!

Most importantly, we know Texas rock; we know Texas soil morphology, and your biggest advantage is that we know how to move it to where it’s needed, or how to keep it firmly in its place. We may be neither the cheapest, nor the most expensive, but we are the BEST. That is why you want the bright orange equipment of Oscar Orduno on your worksite.

The Takeaway – Contractor in Dallas TX

Oscar Orduno your contractor in Dallas TX is here to “support” your project! Whether it is a reliable foundation, building retaining walls or structures so you can reach the point where you want to place the foundation. If you want something to last for decades, you want to call Oscar Orduno Inc. We’ll make sure your project stands the test of time!

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We cover most of the state, including Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Lubbock, Amarillo, Tyler, and Waco. You’ll see our bright orange equipment in almost all of those places, and many more besides!

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