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Wall Remediation Projects

In Texas, we know how to work hard. And at Oscar Orduno, Inc, we know how to work hard together as a team! Working on Wall Remediation Projects often presents many challenges!

Wall Remediation Project Texas

Project Teamwork

Big challenges with wall remediation projects include designing the appropriate solution, having the adequate equipment & tooling, overcoming limited space & reach, and also difficult drilling conditions. However, all of these can be easily overcome when we have a team that works together. In fact, we have a culture of teamwork that welcomes challenging opportunities!

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Remediation Project Texas

Wall Remediation

We’re so proud of our team! BIG ORANGE SHOUT OUT for all of the OOI Team Effort!

Wall Remediation Project Design & Construction

If you need either a wall remediation project design or construction team (or both) for your next project, contact us here