The Top 6 Construction Services By Oscar Orduno Inc.

Construction Services by Oscar Orduno Inc.

Find out more about our Top 6 Construction Services in Dallas:

1. Earth Retention Systems

Earth retention is the practice of stabilizing soil and rock as a part of an excavation process. This process can be permanent or temporary in nature depending on the needs of the site and the project intent. A variation of piles, reinforced concrete and ground anchors, may be used to retain the excavation during construction; however, the system can also be designed to offset or resist the earth pressures.

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2. Slope Stabilization

Oscar Orduno, Inc. can provide design/build construction services for slopes and embankments experiencing substantial erosion or slope creep as well as provide consultation services and cost analysis in the event of slope failure. Several unique and cost-effective options are available through resourceful engineering practices provided by Orduno Design Services. These value-based solutions are possible with the specialized equipment in our fleet and technical knowledge of soil mechanics to control slope movement in-site or repair large landslides.

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3. Shotcrete Applications

Shotcrete is has proven to be a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to cast-in-place concrete. We have a fleet of specialized shotcrete equipment and ACI certified nozzle men with the experience required to successfully perform shotcrete applications.

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4. Underpinning

Underpinning is the process of supplementing the foundation of an existing building or other structure to account for structural movement or new construction.

Often the structures requiring additional support are adjacent to the proposed improvements and the ownership relationships are multifaceted and complex.

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5. Retaining Walls

Oscar Orduno, Inc. offers a wide range of geotechnical construction services and techniques to construct new retaining walls, enhance existing walls, or repair retaining walls experiencing failure.

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6. Engineered Temporary Systems – Construction Services in Dallas

We have in-house engineering in the form of Orduno Design Services, LLC to provide design services for the work we do with excavation support, temporary slope stability, and support of adjacent structures within the influence of the excavation. 


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