Earth Retention Systems – Solving Problems Before they Become Problems

Earth Retention Systems

At Oscar Orduno, Inc. Earth Retention System: Making sure that the earth doesn’t move is right in our job description!

When are Earth Retention Systems Needed?

We understand the geology of Texas intimately.  With many decades of experience in this state stopping erosion of property, shorelines, and waterways; we retain earth to allow the laying of foundations, multiple stories beneath ground-level, that will last for centuries; we support infrastructure, like roadways, utilities, or any adjacent land so new construction can take place; and we retain slopes, rock faces, and natural inclines.  Why? We do it because this is where humans like to build—in the beautiful, accessible, and convenient places—close to water, close to views, close to the means of transportation.

Unfortunately, sometimes that also means directly in the line-of-fire from some of Mother Nature’s worst blows.  Why do humans build on flood plains?  That is where the richest soils are for growing food.  Look at Mississippi, or Egypt, in the earliest days of prehistory.  Human settlements were in the Nile’s river basin, retreating during the annual flood, and racing back to grow crops when the water receded.  It’s just what people do.

So it takes an organization like Oscar Orduno, Inc., experts in earth retention systems, to make sure that it is as safe as possible for us to be where we like to be, or where we need to be.

Aesthetic or Practical

If your building, or particular land-use, requires some landscape engineering to help with the public perception of your company, we can do that!  Geo-materials and soil nails let you grow grass and trees on top of precarious slopes. The grass and trees penetrate right through, so the artificial slope preservation vanishes, and nature quickly takes over to keep everything intact. No one but an engineer would recognize that it wasn’t 100% natural.

On the other hand, whether you’re building down, building up, or making vertical faces safe, there is no one better than Oscar Orduno, Inc. to assure that you reach your goals, safely, on-time, and on budget.

The Takeaway

Oscar Orduno, Inc. is your go-to expert for retaining walls, underpinnings, earth retention systems, specialty foundations, or shotcrete applications, as well as remediation and failure-repair. We always work to exceed industry standards and to achieve exceptional results on all of our projects. We bring preparation, engagement, and passion to every job, always ready to do our best for you.

You’ll see our bright orange vehicles and equipment throughout Texas including Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Lubbock, Amarillo, Tyler, and Waco. We’d love to hear you say “Howdy,” so take a moment and get in touch.

For that occasion when you don’t want the earth to move!