Retaining Walls In Dallas: 5 Things You Should Know

Retaining walls Dallas

Retaining walls can be found everywhere in Dallas and beyond. You probably don’t pay much attention to them, but they are an essential part of everyone’s safety. Our team at Oscar Orduno Inc. has gathered the 5 most important things you should know about retaining walls in Dallas:


1. Types Of Retaining Walls in Dallas

There are a variety of material options available for retaining wall construction. The majority of retaining walls are broken down into 5 types:


  • Gravity walls
  • Piling walls
  • Cantilever walls
  • Anchored walls
  • Mechanically stabilized earth


2. Factors That Affect The Design 

There are several factors that can affect the design of a retaining wall such as:


  • The inclination of the backfill
  • Slope height
  • Soil type
  • Grade at the toe of the slope


Also moisture, groundwater, and even surface water can dictate conditions that influence the design and composition of retaining walls. While safety is important another factor that comes into play when building retaining walls is the intended use of the area of retained soils.

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3. Most Commons Failures of Retaining Walls

Among the most common failures of retaining walls is the cracking of the concrete, concrete blocks or timber, and tilting of brick… and not choosing the right contractor, to begin with.

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4. Preventing Slope Failure

The most important purpose of all retaining walls in Dallas is to hold back a vertical or near-vertical face of soil that would, without a retention wall, slide into a slope.

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5. Retaining Walls in Dallas Require A Professional

In most states, retaining walls taller than four feet must be designed or approved by a licensed professional engineer. It is important to check local building codes prior to design and construction.

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