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Indeed Tower Austin Oscar Orduno

When it comes to large, complex construction projects, we’re pleased to say that our team at Oscar Orduno, Inc and Orduno Design Services knows how to get them done.

A recent project we completed in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas helps explain exactly why we can say that.

We Create Solutions

It would be really nice if a Client contracted us and gave us all of the plans and simply told us to get to work. But that’s not the case.

Instead, our clients usually looking to us to come up with the solution from start to finish.

They say, “This is what we need to accomplish and here are the challenges.”

That’s when we get to work.

The new Block 71 project for the Indeed Tower in Austin between 6th and 7th streets is one such case.

In the photo, you can see the original plans and the requirements for the Project, along with the potential challenges.

Indeed Tower Austin Oscar Orduno

Basically, we needed to keep the historical building intact and safe from any movement or settling, while also working together with the demo teams.

We Do Careful & Thorough Work

One of the main challenges was the underpinned the existing historical building from 1912 with a shallow foundation. We developed a micropile design, did all of the underpinning scope inside the existing building to ensured the structure support.

Working on an L-shaped lot proved to be challenging. To account for the 5 level below grade parking garage, we had to account for an excavation support of a maximum depth of 70 feet.

Other challenges included working with the demo activities, close proximity to traffic surcharge, and working in a congested area – this is the heart of Austin, after all!

We even had to make sure we kept the trees safe!

Take a look at the progression of the project in the photos:

Indeed Tower Austin Oscar Orduno

Indeed Tower Austin Oscar Orduno

Indeed Tower Austin Oscar Orduno

We Get the Job Done Right

The Oscar Orduno/Orduno Design Services teams are specifically qualified for these kind of construction projects. Not many others can do this kind of work. We can take on a complex problem and then come up with creative designs and solutions. Then our team gets to work.

The end result is a beautiful new building in the heart of Austin which brings a touch of modern while also preserving history.

Indeed Tower Austin Oscar Orduno


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