Lynchburg Ferry Project – Installing Permanent Anchors

Lynchburg Ferry Project Construction Oscar Orduno

Installing Permanent Anchors

At Oscar Orduno, Inc, we specialize in all facets of geotechnical construction and that includes installing permanent anchors.

We recently completed a rather complex project on the Lynchburg Ferry in Harris County, Texas, just outside of Houston. The ferry connects Lynchburg to the north with La Porte to the south across the Houston Ship Channel.

The scope of our project included the design and installation of permanent anchors for the expansion of the Lynchburg Ferry.

This was not an easy project by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, this project presented multiple challenges that included:

  • limited access to the equipment as we were directly next to the water
  • the ferry needed to continue with normal operations
  • drilling under sand and water

We’re happy to say that our team has the skills to complete such a challenging project. We’re pleased to be able to tackle such large and complex projects and proud that our team has the

This project, just like most of the projects we work on and complete, illustrate how our team has the skills to successfully complete challenging projects.

Chec out a video of the project here:

Take a look at some of the on-the-job photos:

Installing Permanent Anchors

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